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As a customer, you just want a reliable supply of clean ice for use. You don’t want the problems of operating and maintaining a machine.


To properly tailor ice-making equipment to your needs and to your budget, we need to assess some important data, such as peak business periods, space limitations, sanitation issues, power and water availability.


We don’t think, therefore, that we can address all your ice making parameters without a conversation. We need to hear what you say, we want to understand your requirements totally, because this expensive piece of machinery is integral to the success of your business.


Our customised solutions provide lasting satisfaction and are built to withstand the daily pressures of ice making demands.


And that’s the same dependability reflected in our own strong support network, providing the consistent service you need at every stage of your business.


We have developed over 20 years of experience in caring for customers who use ice machines with a wide range of needs. We not only sell ice machines, but focus on providing a service that ensures that customers have ice used 24/7 with care in all situations.

Choosing the right type of ice

Restaurants & Bars

We all know you can’t run a bar, restaurant, cocktail lounge, or any major catering outlet without an ice machine.


Whether you just want to keep drinks cold, working on your latest cocktail or chilling fresh produce, having the right type of ice and allowing for the correct amount of ice is absolutely critical.


We would suggest gourmet, full cube, half cube, dice, smile or flake ice for these applications. Allow for 0.5 in 2 kilograms per person or per seat per day.


Recommended Ice

Coffee & Beverages

Whatever style - blended, brewed, dripped, filtered, pressed, shaken or stirred - all cold coffee or tea tastes better with the right ice. It should always be perfectly presented and obviously having the correct ice helps.


We would suggest gourmet for clarity, hardness, and long-lasting quality or dice ice if you need a minimum blending time and an exceptional drinking texture. Allow 0.5 kilograms per person per day.


Recommended Ice


As a hotel operator, you know the importance of ice to your guests and hotels tend to make many kilos of ice per day, because of their many applications. 


If you have room service or a fitness centre, you will probably need one of our dispensers on every floor, which adds value to your guests stay and saves time in regularly delivering ice to rooms. If you offer fine dining, you will probably need gourmet cubes, and also throughout your bars, full or half cubes for general use and dice or dice or nugget ice for the dispensers.


Recommended Ice

Schools & Education

The academy values cleanliness, especially the hygiene of schoolchildren, mostly in cafeterias or canteens for drinks such as drinking water, soft drinks, and drinking water. Herbal Juice Ice-cold sweets should be cooled quickly and safely for children, suitable for lunch breaks, short breaks, easy chewing, and cool. Wide range of easy to use


Half cubes, dice or nuggets are an economical way to produce your ice. Each student will use 0.7 kilograms of ice per day.


Recommended Ice

Hospitals & Healthcare

Healthcare and hospitals use an abundance of clean, sanitary ice. They use it in their catering, including self – service dispensers, for therapy and medical use and in their laboratories and research facilities.


Popular ice types in healthcare are flake, nugget, and dice. Each patient uses 4.5 kilograms per bed, and 0.5 kilograms per person in catering.


Recommended Ice

Factories & Canteens

The company and factory business is mainly used in cafeterias. Ice depends mainly on the preferences, usage patterns and number of employees in the organization, including the Food Center, which uses ice to sell drinks to customers.


Full and half cubes, plus smile ice for special occasions plus dice or nugget for dispensers are a good choice.

Our varied range of machines and dispensers can all cope with this unique workload and can produce between 150 and 1000 kilos per day, depending on usage. The normal per person usage is 0.5 kilograms.


Recommended Ice

Convenience Stores & Supermarkets

Convenience stores and supermarkets The ice used should be cooled quickly, lightly and evenly, and suitable for soaking fresh food. seafood meat It can also be used in beverage distribution zones and used for selling ice in grocery stores.


We would suggest small or full cubes for convenience, maybe supplemented by dice or nugget ice. Of course, if you have full fresh produce displays, you will also need flake ice to show the displays attractively.


Recommended Ice

Street Food

You can improve your business by buying from us. We’ll also give you an ice making machine for free. We’ll find the best ice for you and a 24/7 service, which means you will always have clean, convenient and cheap ice on hand.


Half cube are a convenient but you may prefer, flake, smile or nugget ice to suit your customers. This very much depends on what type of goods you sell – if you have a salad bar, you’ll need 650 kilograms per cubic metre. If you sell drinks multiply 250 ml by the number of drinks you sell, and for general catering allow 0.5 kilograms per person.


Recommended Ice


We offer competitive pricing on our complete range of NT Icepro machines, including comprehensive warranty coverage. We also carry quality products from Scotsman and Hoshizaki.

Ice making machines are relatively expensive, and, given the other costs of setting up a catering establishment, you may need to manage your budget. Our low, fixed repayments spread the cost of the ice machine to suit your budget, enabling you to access the highly profitable ice making market without a significant initial investment.


We can build in all the costs of the machine, extended maintenance package, training, warranties and accessories into a single monthly payment. Guaranteed easy and flexible sales terms to fit your budget. No need to rely on your bank in these uncertain times.

A formal Ice Machine Lease or Rental works in much the same way as our Online Ice agreement. You pay a much lower monthly payment than if you were to purchase, then at the end of the term you have an option to buy or renew your agreement for an upgraded machine.

An ice machine lease programme is the best option for many people because they acquire a machine they really want at an affordable price. These agreements can fit any industry in which you are involved, including gyms, health clubs and spas, hotels, motels, inns and resorts, manufacturingand industrial, medical facilities, offices, retail locations, restaurants, catering, bars, schools and colleges.

Just pay us 1 Baht per kilo of ice and we will install one of our machines on your premises for FREE.


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For those who are interested in owning their own ice franchise, with a sound business model, we have an expert team to help you open your own ice plant and promote your company.


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Your ice supply is as important to us, as it is to you. We understand that your business can’t afford to have your ice machine go down. That’s why our ice machine service lines are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Flexible conditions
  • Ice Reserve Service
  • Ice Machine Installation and Relocation Service
  • Guaranteed service within 6 hours
  • Nationwide service team network
  • Installation and relocation services

Our various acquisition models are all flexible and with an ice machine you will always generate good revenue as you pay.

We will finance all of the above without Bank restrictions, so you keep your lines of credit open for any emergency. Just pay us a low monthly payment dependent on your budget and cashflow.