NT Icepro is your business's definitive ice provider

In the ice making business, it can seem that every day brings a new set of obstacles and complications. From maintenance to production, it’s no small task to keep every aspect of your organisation running smoothly.

NT Icepro has been operating in Thailand for twenty years. We are a family-owned business, which means more customer care than any big corporation or ice factory.


Courteous. Friendly. Professional.

Our Ice Hero is here to help if your machine crashes and can't be fixed.

We are happy to serve and satisfy our customers, who have a team of expert technicians who are experts and mainly aim to meet your needs.


We are proud of our continuous relationships with our 2,000 (and growing) customers.


Help when you need it

Emergency Ice Reserve

24 hours every day

Ice online

This solution takes the hassle out of owning a commercial ice-making machine for one low monthly payment. We supply you with the best ice-making machinery to meet your business needs at a fixed monthly cost, so it’s easy to budget.


With NT Icepro, you’ll never have to worry about your ice-maker ever again.

Pay only for monthly ice

We'll take care of everything without you having to worry about out-of-control costs.

Just buy ice online.

Get the machine installed now!
We cover everything from machine care. Repairs, including emergency ice reserves

Keep your business strong.

From high liquidity and longevity in the business! The ice type or machine size can be adjusted according to the business and circumstances.

Become your own boss


At NT Icepro, we share our love of professional freedom and entrepreneurial business opportunities. If you are someone who wants to start selling ice to customers who want value and quality with a one-stop-shop business model, we can help you.

Our success is built on new ice machines and technology. These innovations open doors to entrepreneurs by making ownership easier, and offering users convenience and more affordable access to high quality ice.

Your customers can be assured that the ice they receive is clean and safe because we recognize their basic needs for ice as well as concerns and restrictions such as budgets. After-sales service, etc.

There is ice that matches your business at a reasonable price. Easy to use, convenient, ice-free to use, no maintenance worries, with a team of technicians ready to help you at all times, no need to worry about marketing. Promote your store with a marketing team to help keep your business running smoothly! Rest assured that you have clean ice to use and create a positive image for your business.

Street Food

A choice of start-up – medium-sized restaurants and beverages that allow you to use clean ice for 24 hours with special conditions for operators in Bangkok and metropolitan areas that use ice from 40 to 300 kG/day.

After sales service

We offer a wide range of after-sales service and support to ensure the highest quality standards. Quick troubleshooting and the ability to create positive product experiences. Our team of expertly trained technicians serves our customers. Installation, repair and maintenance is the highest customer satisfaction guarantee.

Installation & relocation

Installation of all types of ice machines, which customers can check each installation cost. We provide equipment to be installed and tested by a team of professionals to ensure that the ice machine is fully functional. We also provide moving ice machines for customers who have existing ice machines. We will send an agent to move it to the point where you want to be tested. The machine until it works perfectly.

Annual Service Contract

To ensure that the ice machine is maintained by skilled technicians and has a long service life, we offer an annual service contract (ice machine insurance).


Repair service for all ice machines We will send a specialist staff to inspect and analyze the machine and evaluate the preliminary price every time before repairing. We are pleased to guarantee all spare parts for up to 3 months.

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